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Educational Credit Transfer

The University of BayFord provides credit transfer facility to its students from their previous education so that they can save their time and money in completing education. Educational programs at the University of BayFord are designed by keeping into consideration flexibility and affordability so that students and professionals can acquire accredited degree. The university helps students to manage their tuition fees by accepting course credits which they studied in earlier courses. They can get exemption in the previously studied courses if they secured C+ or above grade in their previous program. This way students can finish their degrees or certification program earlier than the projected time.

Students can apply online to avail the credit transfer facility so that their graduation time will be reduced. If the students have work experience in the field of their specialization, they can get it converted into the credits of the courses. University of BayFord accepts credits transfer from regionally and internationally accredited institutions from all over the world.

Academic Credits

Get credits for previously studied courses or credit hours completed during a similar academic program. You can get a cut in extra credits required to complete your degree program.

Professional Experiences

Bonus credits are granted to professionals completing their higher studies. Applicants get credits for work experience that helped them gain professional knowledge and skills.

Social Experiences

Applicants get credits for their social and general life experiences that helped them acquire their field related knowledge and expertise. Credits are granted for attended seminars and workshop.

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University of BayFord provides financial assistance to its students which help them to acquire quality education and save some money. The basic aim of scholarship is to make education accessible to all people around the globe.

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