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Corporate Partners

University of Bayford is one of those educational institutions that does not only strive to provide academic excellence to its students but also aims to offer its students with unlimited career opportunities that can assist them in unleashing their true potential. Due to this reason, the university establishes its partnerships with leading multinationals and top corporate giants all over the world.

The partner companies are members of the university’s academic panel and they ensure the curriculum taught in the University of Bayford is aligned with the standards of the companies which they used to recruit new people. This is one of the key reasons for the University of Bayford’s graduates being hired in the partner companies within 2 months of completing their education. It helps our graduates to progress in their careers with these employers much quickly as compared to the graduates of other universities. Companies are able to get good employees from our university and the graduates get good platform to start their professional career which creates a win-win situation for the world’s economy.

Internship Programs

University of Bayford is known for providing its students an exceptional learning experience that is beyond classroom. At University of Bayford, we believe that getting a hands-on market experience is essential for students to get full-prepared even before they enter professional career. Every year, University of Bayford arranges internship programs with our partner employers where we bring students and employer closer and help our students to explore their options much closely. These internship programs provide students with a deeper industry-view to review their decision of choosing the industry and their preferred employer. University of Bayford also considers internships as a solid life experience and provide credit hours against it which also helps students complete their academic program faster.

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University of BayFord provides financial assistance to its students which help them to acquire quality education and save some money. The basic aim of scholarship is to make education accessible to all people around the globe.

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