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University of BayFord has been successful in maintaining its high quality educational status as compared to other online universities. To ensure students about our quality of education, the university offers 100% accredited online degree, diploma and certificated to students all around the world. The goal of University of BayFord is to bring continuous improvement in the standard of education and enrich the quality of academic curriculum.

Objectives of Accreditation

  • To promote high standard of education through self-assessment and evaluation by third party.
  • To achieve accreditation from academic organizations which are recognized internationally.
  • To ensure the programs offered by the university including degree and non-degree programs are evaluated and assessed to meet the standards essential at the global level.
  • To stimulate periodic reviews and assessments to maintain quality of education and provide best online learning experience.


European Accreditation & Equivalency Council For Higher Education is a not-for-profit and non-governmental organization established for the improvement and continuous development of higher education across the European countries. Our standards continue to play with fundamental role and have become the benchmark of quality all over the world.

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United States Accreditation Council (USAC) is an international accreditation body committed to establishing and promoting high educational standards for post-secondary degree and non-degree programs in the field of business and management.

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University of BayFord provides financial assistance to its students which help them to acquire quality education and save some money. The basic aim of scholarship is to make education accessible to all people around the globe.

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